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Wedding Day Planning Tips by The Decades 


Planning your big day is stressful enough with out having to think about the entertainment. You might be thinking "I have never booked a band before" or "what songs would they play?"



This is where our experience and friendly approach matters, not only are you booking a great live show but you will be guided through the whole process from start to finish with 24/7 communication available. 

Ok, so you have decided to book a band! great choice, a band brings a live energy to the room like no other. So you have a date set and booked your venue and you are already thinking of how to plan the evening itinerary. 

Did you know you can book our full package deals which includes all day entertainment? which takes away the added pressure of finding extras such as DJ, or afternoon acoustic music. We cover it all, keeping your entertainment booking in one place, dealing with one person each time and not to mention will save you money! lets face it weddings are expensive, but things like entertainment and live music play a big part in creating those special memories. 

Booking stage

What time would the band start?


We can accommodate to any plans you might already have however we can offer our advice based on our ten years experience performing and organising these events. 

Depending on what package you go for depends on what time we arrive. We usually arrive one hour before your guests are due to arrive in order to set up and sound check. We like to avoid loading in equipment while there are guests in the room as we aim not to disturb the flow of the evening and create a great impression right away.

If you booked our DJ service the DJ will commence right away after our sound check.

We like to cut the cake, start the first dance and then kick off with our first performance. Peak summer times it is important not to start the first dance too early as guests will be enjoying the sunset out doors in most cases. Something that we feel is very important through the course of the evening is when to release the buffet as performing while people are eating can hinder the atmosphere. We advise for people to eat while we take our break , this is something to consider with the venue and the wedding coordinator.


What Music do we play? and can you make requests in advance?

The clue is our name, we perform songs from each Decade starting from the 60s right the way up to modern day.  We cater for 99% of the audience and perform with maximum energy and crowd interaction. You can make requests for the DJ section and even have complete control over the playlist. However we have it covered with over four hundred perfectly selected party songs that we play each week. 


More information

For more information on what we offer be sure to check out our other menu tabs including our promo video! also we have a frequently asked questions page with more detailed information. Alternatively you can send us a message with any questions you may have and our team will be able to help you right away. 

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